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The Old Dominion University Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team is in their third and a half year of development. The team is set to compete in Eufaula, Alabama this August at the International Aerial Robotics Competition's 7th mission.

The 7th mission is a four day event, which the team will be calibrating, testing, and presenting their design and logic for the vehicle to properly operate. Mission 7 is somewhat different from the previous year’s missions. In previous missions, the UAV has had to enter a simulated building through a window, retrieve a memory stick, and return to its point of entrance. A person can enter a room and move around without the use of extraneous instruments such as GPS. The current mission holds the UAVs to this standard and will not allow for the UAVs to use these sorts of outside instruments. The actual task in Mission 7 is completely different. In this mission the UAV is required to enter a 20 meter square arena with meter wide white squares that can be used for navigation. Once the UAV can prove that it can move around in this environment, the UAV will be required to herd ground based robots towards a green line. The ground based robots will change directions randomly when they interact with obstacles. There will also be two robots with large cones that will move about and interact with the ground robots to make the movements even more random. Once a ground robot reaches an edge, it will be removed. The UAV will be able to change the ground robots direction by either using a magnet or by getting in the robots path. Points are awarded on each task completed successfully. 

The current team is not part of a senior design team but is continuing with the materials and knowledge from past teams.

Current design team:

Theodore Teates,
Austin Boyd

Dr. Chung-Hao Chen


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The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team consists of two senior design teams along with the club members from multiple disciplines.For more information on how to join or donate, please see the contact us section.

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