ODU Out: Student Alliance’s mission:

  • To provide safe and reliable resources to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community;
  • Provide a voice for the LGBTQ community and its allies on campus;
  • Educate the University population about LGBTQ issues; and
  • Work to promote and advance LGBTQ rights within the University community through policy.

SaiJai Miller - President 
About SaiJai
I am a transfer-military student at Old Dominion University earning a Master's in Elementary Education. I have completed my minor studies in Criminal Justice and enjoyed learning in LGBTQ People, Crime and Justice with Dr. Panfil; Juvenile Delinquency; and Victimology with Professor Quick.

I am a member of numerous student organizations here at ODU and also volunteer in the greater Hampton Roads area.

I am the President of ODU Out: Student Alliance and aim to expand our community outreach to the Monarch community on the Main Campus and at the ODU satellite campuses.

Come check out our organization, ODU Out at our General Meetings and Fall Events!
Remaining on campus over the summer? Hang out with us!

I can be contacted through the ODU Out Organizational Email at oduoutpride@gmail.com or my personal university email at smill122@odu.edu

I would like to request that Monarchs seriously consider joining and participating in our events prior to sending requests for researching or interviewing our General Members, as no one wants to feel like a guinea pig. As an afterthought, it may be good to learn more about our community and it is easier to talk among friends than it is to strangers. Thank you for your consideration!

Dean Cooper - Vice President 
About Dean
Salutations! こんにちは!

tl/dr: Junior English Major, Public Law Minor. Queer. They/Them/He/Him. Writer. Art & Anime & Book Lover.

I'm a Junior Journalism / Public Law major. I can be found frequently occupying the meetings and events of the ODU Out organization, Anime Club, and OIR / Safe Space events. I also spend most weekends at the Muse writing center. I prefer They/Them/Theirs/He/Him pronouns.

I consider myself a extremely approachable and helpful person, so if please feel free to contact me about anything and everything you might need assistance with.

Jon-Christopher M Bulin - Operations Manager 
About Jon-Christopher
I am the Operations Manager of ODU OUT, a biology major in my third year,Harry Potter fanatic, a feminist, and support the equality of all human peoples.

Lyn J Myers - Assistant Treasurer 
About Lyn
I am 22 years old and a double major at Old Dominion, I originally am from central Virginia but have lived in Norfolk for 4 years now. I am studying human services and women's studies and hope to graduate in the Summer of 2017. My biggest interests are in Queer Christian feminism and wine tasting. I really love ODU and I hope you do too!

Ryan Q Mcintire - Advisor 
About Ryan
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