Through grassroots fundraising and public awareness of issues germane to the diverse and vibrant LGBT community in Hampton Roads, the Old Dominion University Gay Cultural Studies Advisory Council is establishing a program, unique in Virginia’s academic community, that focuses on the contributions, concerns, and challenges associated with LGBT culture. The Gay Cultural Studies program promotes academic research and provides graduate and undergraduate educational opportunities. Moreover, the Gay Gultural Studies program engages the local Hampton Roads LGBT community through ongoing dialogue and community involvement.

The Safe Space Committee strives to reduce homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism in the Old Dominion University community. We are dedicated to a vision of a community that is open, safe, and accepting to all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning people and allies. We help cultivate this climate through awareness, education, and advocacy.
One Committee, Many Ways to Get Involved!

INSTILL PRIDE, CELEBRATE UNITY and EMBRACE DIVERSITY in the Hampton Roads gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community by creating VISIBILITY and PROMOTING FULL HUMAN and CIVIL RIGHTS through EDUCATION, CELEBRATIONS and NETWORKING.

Hampton Roads Business OutReach (HRBOR) is a broad based coalition of LGBT owned and LGBT supportive businesses and professionals dedicated to the development, growth and advocacy of Hampton Roads and its LGBT community. By promoting an environment in which diversity can flourish, HRBOR is committed to the economic growth and prosperity of our members and our community.

Founded in 1989 as Virginians for Justice, Equality Virginia is a statewide, non-partisan education, outreach, and advocacy organization seeking equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Virginians.

Our mission is to promote the dignity and wellness of adults, families, youth and children impacted by HIV/AIDS through quality support and prevention services so they may live healthy lives. At ACCESS AIDS Care we have worked to adapt our services to the advances that have been made to fight HIV and AIDS. Individuals are now living longer with the disease, but their need for services from ACCESS AIDS Care has not diminished. In addition, the face of HIV/AIDS is constantly changing and it is our commitment to our community to serve those children, women and men who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Eastern Virginia AIDS Network began in 1983 as a group of friends helping friends who were dying from AIDS. Over time our agency has grown and adapted to the changes we have seen as our understanding of HIV and AIDS and the care it requires has evolved. We now offer: Client Services, Case Management, Support Groups, Meals Programs, Housing Programs, Free Confidential HIV Testing, HIV Prevention Education and Counseling, and Youth Programming (RAYN)

The goal of The Center is to provide services for all LGBT family, friends and allies. Individual & family counseling, Community meeting space, Resource Center, Adult & Youth Services, Social & Educational Events, Free HIV testing, and Mailbox & voicemail services for community groups

The Office of Intercultural Relations (formerly known as Multicultural Student Services) is committed to creating a campus community that values and supports the cultural identities of each of our members. Through education and training, the Office of Intercultural Relations creates opportunities that develop and enhance internal skills and competencies that foster an inclusive environment. Our programs, activities, and events not only present unique and entertaining cultural experiences and celebrations, but also cultivates a climate of awareness, understanding, and respect of diverse individuals and groups.

Serving the Old Dominion University community since 1976, the Women’s Center offers programs and services to address the special challenges and opportunities women students encounter related to their personal and academic success. Also, recognizing the critical role that both women and men play in creating a world that is free of gender bias, our goals include promoting healthy relationships and a safe and equitable environment that is free of barriers to all persons. Center services seek to empower all students to achieve their personal, academic and professional potential.