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2nd Annual ODU CyberOps '18

Event flyer - High Res (PDF) - CyberOps18Flyer_PDF
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Event Schedule


September 29, 2018
9am - 6pm

Strome Entrepreneurial Center: 9am - 1pm
Constant Hall 1002: 1pm - 6pm


This event will be hosted by the ODU Cyber Security Students Association to gather students, teachers, and industry professionals. We hope to provide an open environment that will attract students involved in pursuing careers in cybersecurity and introduce them to industry leaders. The open learning environment we wish to create allows all cybersecurity enthusiasts and newcomers alike to be exposed to cybersecurity in a way that you can’t google or look up on YouTube. This event could be the start of a company gaining a valuable resource or set a budding white hat on his or her path of cybersecurity.

The bottom line is the attendees do not need to be experts or even students of cyber security to attend.

What to expect

Free parking is available in the parking garage across the street next to the football stadium.

Industry representatives from Booz Allen Hamilton, G2-Ops, KBRwyle, Sera-Brynn, and Sentara Healthcare will be in attendance and looking for possible interns to fill cyber security positions. BRING YOUR RESUME

Lunch will be provided during the Meet and Greet

MetaCTF will be providing the Capture The Flag Challenge in room 1002 of Constant Hall

Registration now OPEN! CLICK HERE to register for the CTF

  • Teams of 4 will be allowed to register for the competition 
  • More than one team may register from each school
  • MetaCTF will set the rules of engagement
  • Prizes will be presented to the top three teams after the competition

For any question please contact CS2A President Jason Jennings